Set a longer more secure Passcode – on iOS

If you don’t already use a passcode for your iDevice and your concerned about keeping your information private you should enable it from the settings app. There are a number of reasons to set a passcode for your phone but if you want a more secure code, you can enable one easily. This can be done right from the device’s settings app. When setting this Passcode you can use one that’s longer than 4 digits or you can set an alphanumeric one and this works the same for all iOS devices. Here’s how to do it.

1.Tap the Settings app and go into “General”

2.Then tap “Passcode Lock” then tap “Turn Passcode On”

3.Now enter a simple passcode (as always, make sure it’s something you can remember) you will need to confirm after the first entry.

4.Turn off the “Simple Passcode” which is the 4 digit code.

(Enter the old passcode for verification, this is the one just entered)

5.You can now set a new longer Passcode.

The keyboard will show and you can enter a passcode that has only letters, a numeric code or an alpha numeric code.

6.Tap next at the top and re-enter your code then tap “Done”

Now when un-locking your device you will be prompted to enter the new code.

If you entered a longer numeric code the number pad shows. If you entered a code that includes letters or letters and numbers the keyboard will show.

If you want to dis-able the Passcode security just go back into “General” in the settings app. Tap “Passcode Lock” enter you code and turn it Off.

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