Sharing photos on iOS with Chirp and iPhoto


Sharing photos can be done many ways. There’s sharing via email where you can send up to 5 photos at a time. There’s MMS and you can send multiple photos but it will compress the pic and you wont get the original raw file. Then there are many different apps in Apple’s app store that you can use to send photos via Bluetooth and or WiFi as well. One of them being Chirp. Chirp uses sound to send a photo, but it sends it directly to anyone that may have the app open that’s near by. Since it works on audio frequencies the person you are sending a photo to must be within audible range for the app to work and have the app installed and open.

There are many others in the app store including Apple’s own iPhoto app. iPhoto has a feature called “Beam” in the sharing options. you can select multiple photos or simply send the photo that’s currently selected. Be careful, there is the option to send all photos too. Also make sure that the Beam option is turned on in iPhoto’s settings. Anyone that is on the same WiFi or that has Bluetooth turned on will appear on the selection list when sending using Beam.



Here is the message on the device receiving the photo.





Here are a few screen shots of Chirp.


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