iOS tip of the day- Take control of your Notifications

Every time an app is installed a pop up message or two appears. One asks to allow it to access your location and the other asks to allow notifications. If you decide to allow Notifications it will send updates via Notifications Center and display a pop up alert. The draw back to this could be if numerous notifications are allowed you could be bombarded with alerts from all these apps. Well there’s a simple way to manage this by going to Settings>Notifications. Once there the type of banner in which the Notification displays can be changed or set to none. Also at the top of the screen you can choose to turn the Notification off to disable it completely. Turning off badge icons (the small red circle that appears at the corner of the app) can be set as well, and disabling the notification to display at the lock screen can also be toggled. The number if Notifications can also be set here as well. This is handy since most apps have Notifications and if not careful an abundance of alerts could infest your screen at any given time or over populate the Notifications Center. One last thing, the order in which they appear in the Notification Center can be manipulated by tapping the Edit button. Then you can drag the notification up or down the list by the 3 horizontal lined area to the right of the screen.





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