iOS tip of the Day- Can’t answer a call? reply with a message instead

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iOS logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a handy feature in Apple’s latest version firmware iOS 6. While in a meeting last week I placed my iPhone on vibrate and during the meeting I got a call. Since I couldn’t answer I just replied with a friendly message of “In a meeting call you later” and the call was sent to my VM and a text message was sent to the caller. The message can be customized with anything you want to say and the reply can even be a custom message when the call is being received. Anyway enough babble here’s how to set it up.

Go to Settings>Phone>Replay with Message, here is where a message can be pre-set.

Now when a call is received access the reply feature at the lock screen or when the call comes in. It works similar to accessing the camera app from the lock screen. Just slide up the icon of a phone on the lower right side of the screen.

And you will see this…

Once Reply with message is tapped then the options that were set up earlier in the settings app can be selected. Or at this time a custom message can be typed out.

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