Add GPS to your WiFi iPod touch or iPad


With the Bad Elf BE-GPS 1000 you can use navigation on your iPod touch or iPad where ever you might need it. No really, anywhere! The Bad Elf satellite receiver can lock on up to 15 satellites to use GPS navigation all in a compact dongle that’s about the size of a quarter. Accurate within 8 ft the device can be used in the mountains, 60,000 ft in the air (just incase you hangout up there alot) or even in the ocean, beyond the reach of cellular service. The device is compact and portable and compatible with any pre- iPhone 5 or iPad 4 Apple devices. This is due to the Bad Elf using a 30 pin dock connector. If you want to add this to your geek bag, it can be purchased from for $99.99 and with the Bad Elf code you can redeem for Turn by turn navi, Voice guidance, and US maps included with the price.

Original source: via Cult of Mac

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