iPhone 5 boot loop and fix (Jailbreak)

While playing around with a tweak (ScrollingBoard) I tried to set the battery widget to the dock. Well once I did that my phone went into an immediate bootloop. Needless to say I was surprised and not very happy. I think the cause of this was that I also use Battery Doctor Pro and these two tweaks cause a conflict that resulted in a bootloop. 

So to get it out of this nasty situation do a hard reset (hold Power+Home buttons) once the screen goes black immediately press and hold the Volume Up button and continue holding power+Home. Once the Apple appears let go of the power and home button and keep holding the Volume Up button. It will then boot up. This method should work no matter what caused the bootloop.

I also had to un-install ScrollingBoard due to it going back into a bootloop during a re-spring or re-boot. I also removed any add-ons as well.

In replace of ScollingBoard I used Infinidock and infinifolders. Hope this helps some of you out.

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