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Boom – Global Delight updates for Mountain Lion

Global Delight recently updated their Audio enhancing software to be compatible with Mountain Lion for Mac. If you haven’t checked out Boom yet, you should. It enhances the stock Macbook speakers along with any other speakers you may have connected to your Mac. Boom allows for multiple pre-sets or profiles to be saved for different […]

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Decrease Macbook Pro boot time

I recently upgraded my SSD (Solid State Drive) from a 60GB to a 120GB. For reference I am using a OCZ Vertex 3 and I have a mid 2010 Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo running Lion with 8GB of RAM so having too little RAM is not an issue. I only use the SSD for […]

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Nifty minidrive

Add more storage to a Macbook Air or Macbook Pro

About a month ago a new start-up came to Kickstarter. This product is aimed to increase to storage capacity of a Macbook Air but will also work on all Macbook Pros models as well Mid 2010 and later that have an SD card slot. Inserting a Micro SD card into the Nifty Minidrive and then […]

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Add color to Mac’s Finder sidebar with SideEffects

If you care about little nuances and tweaks with your Mac but more specifically your Finder. You should look into SideEffects from the HackStore, this little app is still in Beta but it works great and is easy to install. It simply adds color to your sidebar icons. I didn’t think it was a big […]

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Control your computer Minority Report style with LEAP

Until November 2010 when the Kinect for Xbox box was released, there was no true motion driven device or software for the commercial market that used this type of concept. Of course there was Nintendo’s Wii but you still had to hold something in your hand to register some sort of motion or command to play […]

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Introducing the “Unofficial” Mac App store – The Hackstore

What would we all do without the Mac App store? Where would we get our apps from? did we have any apps before the Mac app store? Well, as vast as the App Store has become in such a short amount of time.  There actually were apps before Apple put together the massive collection of […]

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Customize Lion with ease, try Lion Designer 2

There are many apps, tweaks and command line code to customize your Mac. Some are not for the faint of heart when it comes to using the Terminal in OS X. Terminal tweaks need to be typed in exactly or they either will not work or could damage your OS (if using a SUDO command). […]

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Control music with a gesture of your hand

Since the introduction of Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox gestures and the reading of body motion to control devices and actions are becoming the next evolution. That Evolution is bleeding its way to the Mac OS X by way of an app called Flutter by Bot Square. What Flutter does (as of right now) is play […]

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Please help us welcome our new partner – OMG OS X

  If you would like to gain more knowledge about Apple, Mac or iOS products or devices then OMG OS X will the right stop for you. Help us welcome our new partner and stop their site to check out all of the great info they have to offer. Thank you, ElectricSproket

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How to share an App on iOS

If you have multiple iDevices you can share apps that you purchased from separate apple ID’s. This is good use of the 5 allotted computers that Apple gives you to share your content with. So here’s how to share an app you’ve purchased with a friend. Email the app to your friend (if the file size is small enough) […]

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Watch or record live TV on your computer or iOS device with HD HomeRun

Ok, so your away from home and you want to record that episode of Golden Girls. It’s the one that you alway miss and you really need to add it to your collection. Well HDHomRun has you covered. Ok so maybe that was a bad example because you’ve already seen all the Golden Girls episodes […]

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Download Messages Beta for Mac

Messages is one of the new features of the upcoming Mountain Lion OS X from Apple. This is currently only available for  OS X 10.7.3 Lion users and replaces iChat. Whats great about this app is it integrates with all of your iOS devices just like iMessage. Start a message on one device and pick […]

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How to insert a blank space in your Mac’s Dock

If you have a dock that has a variety of apps and want to separate or even organize those apps, I have a trick for you. Here is a simple Terminal command that will insert a blank space or divider that you can move to any point in the dock. If you want to remove […]

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Speed up your computer, keep it clean and un-install apps for Windows and Mac with CCleaner

CCleaner is great utility that will help keep you Mac nice and healthy. Fresh out of Beta and previously Windows only, CCleaner cleans up data from your favorite web browsers and will also help you manage your cookies. In the settings you can select which cookies you want to keep intact and it can also […]

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