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HAWKEN – E3 2012

ElecrtricSproket had the chance to play Hawken on day 1 one at E3. As I approached the TwitchTV booth there were Alienware PC stations set up and running the game. Set in a futuristic Mech genre you pilot a mech and battle it out multiplayer style. Being a PC based game, It took a little […]

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Control your computer Minority Report style with LEAP

Until November 2010 when the Kinect for Xbox box was released, there was no true motion driven device or software for the commercial market that used this type of concept. Of course there was Nintendo’s Wii but you still had to hold something in your hand to register some sort of motion or command to play […]

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Watch or record live TV on your computer or iOS device with HD HomeRun

Ok, so your away from home and you want to record that episode of Golden Girls. It’s the one that you alway miss and you really need to add it to your collection. Well HDHomRun has you covered. Ok so maybe that was a bad example because you’ve already seen all the Golden Girls episodes […]

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VSO Downloader – download any video from the web

We all have watched a video online that we wished we could save or download. Then were disappointed because there was no way to actually download it. Well, I found this neat little program called VSO Downloader that once opened can live in your system tray and automatically download any video you watch. You can […]

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Speed up your computer, keep it clean and un-install apps for Windows and Mac with CCleaner

CCleaner is great utility that will help keep you Mac nice and healthy. Fresh out of Beta and previously Windows only, CCleaner cleans up data from your favorite web browsers and will also help you manage your cookies. In the settings you can select which cookies you want to keep intact and it can also […]

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Launch apps on Windows Mac style with “Launchy”

I’m an Apple guy.  I love my iPhone.  More than that I love my iPad.  Even more than that I love my MacBook.  I have gotten so accustomed to the little nuances and bells/whistles that makes using a Mac so simple.  One of my loudest of whistles is Quicksilver. This brilliant, two-fingered application (and more) […]

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Use your own handwriting as your Font

Ever type out a document and thought it would be great if it was in your own handwriting? well has an interesting idea of using just that same concept. All that you need to do is fill out a template that can be downloaded from their site. Fill it out and scan it and […]

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a new standard in computer gaming – Alienware X51

  Alienware has pioneered the market in gaming computer systems and their new X51 is no different. In San Francisco, Alienware debuted their new X51 a cost affordable, lightweight cross between a traditional desktop and a game console. The X51, which became available for purchase within the past couple of weeks is meant to be […]

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Wearable computer for a new era Golden-i Headset

The Kopin Corporation’s Golden-i has received many awards such as: 2011 Product Innovation of the Year award from Technical Service Industry Association, 2011 “Best in Show” award from World Future Society, and has been selected by Popular Science as one of the Top 100 Innovations to Watch and by Scientific American as one of the […]

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Operate Windows 8 with just your EYES

  For the truly lazy, if you don’t want to type or move a mouse or swipe a screen then just look at what you want to do! That’s right control Windows 8 by just looking at what you want to do and, POW it happens. This is made possible by the company Tobii and […]

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A laptop handed down by Odin himself for portable gamers – The Razer Blade

You can say this is the new Blademaster to wipe all the others out. Razer announced that it will be launching the “Blade”, a new piece of equipment that is supposedly a multi-screen killing machine according to it’s creators. It’s a larger incarnated version of its predecessor the Razer Switchblade, this new one will have […]

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How to Install SSD for Windows 7

This is an instructional on how to install a SSD (solid state drive) on a win7 machine. In this instructional we will be setting up your machine using the AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) to take advantage of both trim as well as the hot swapping ability of SATA ports. This will also enable Windows […]

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USB Optical mouse and scale by Brando

Just in case you need to umm…weigh some small, stuff while surfing the web?? Check out Engadget’s write up on this mouse that is also a scale.

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