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Appy Gamer- a gamers app for the gaming world

  Wether you’re a hardcore or casual gamer Appy Gamer has something to offer. This iOS and Android  app displays a feed in a tile like UI (or Home Screen) and a variety of sources can be added and organized. The top portion of the app is static and displays the Top Stories, Photos, News, […]

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Add widgets to Notification Center without a Jailbreak for iOS

If you have apps that are used frequently and you would like to access them rather quickly. Speed U is a great way to unobtrusively add this functionality to your iOS device. Usually jailbreaking your device is necessary to get a feature like this. SBSettings is a popular tweak for this purpose and while it allows for a wider range of functionality, again […]

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Muze – your new music app

If you take a moment to reflect on the iPod and how far it has come and its main purpose you can’t deny it’s popularity, but there is one thing that was left to be desired. The interface and how you controlled your music. Apple  didn’t really change it much. Remember the click wheel and […]

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Change the Way You Type – SlideWriter Is Here

Introducing an iPad app called SlideWriter. It’s goal, to change the way that you type on your tablet device, by letting you move a cursor around or select text by simply sliding your finger around. Mark Tholking of SlideWriter has created a video, which is the best way to show you exactly what the app […]

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Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in one app with MyPad+

I think multitasking and functionality are two very important things when it comes to saving time and being productive. So when I found this app I was excited and a little let down at the same time. The app is MyPad+ (iPhone and iPad) and it does some things very well. One being that it […]

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Zombie blast’n fun- Zombie Wonderland 2

Zombie Wonderland 2- Outta Time is a fun and multi challenging game in which you defend your area using different defense mechanisms and blasting zombie butt! You’re a zombie killing janitor who must stop this zombie outbreak. Build up your coins in-game play or you can make an in app purchase of coins to buy […]

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Stream Podcasts on the go with Instacast

Instacast on iOS is a nice way to watch podcasts while out and about. You can download or stream them to your device. Another nice feature is that you can watch a podcast on one idevice and start right you left off on another, if you have the app on both devices. This app was […]

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Take pictures with a smile

Facial recognition is becoming all the rage now a days. Soon you will be able to lock/un-lock your mobile device with your face! How cool would that be? Well until that happens you can at least take pictures with a smile! No really, with your smile. ThirdSight BV has developed HappyShutter which is an app that […]

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How to recover your lost or stolen iPhone

There is room for debate on this topic, but while “there is more than one way to skin a cat” (so to speak) you can also take multiple methods to recover your missing iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac. There a free apps from the app store like Find My iPhone. Which allows you to do […]

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Dark Meadow- out now in the App store

We previously reviewed Dark Meadow from Phosphor Game Studios when it was still in development. Now that it’s on the App store we can give you the low down. With this game being built on the Unreal engine and I can assure you that the graphics are amazing! The detail, lighting and colors are gorgeous. The […]

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Rexly- Social music sharing app

Rexly is a new music sharing app that will allow you to see what your friends are listening to in real-time. Or just the opposite as long as you all are using the app you can not only see and hear what they are listening to but you can share it on Twitter or Facebook. […]

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Protection from computer malware with your idevice

With the ever-growing popularity of Apple and their mobile devices. Malware will eventually become more prevalent. There has already been a few occasions that viruses have attempted to infect OS X on Mac. In comes VirusBarrier for iOS (iPhone,iPod, iPod touch). This will scan your email attachments on your device, as well as other files […]

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Infinity Blade 2

“When Epic games purchased Chair Entertainment, the game studio was focusing on DLC games for Xbox Live Arcade like Undertow and Shadow Complex. But with the explosion Apple’s mobile devices, the small studio crafted the first Unreal Engine 3 iOS game and launched Infinity Blade. Apple loved the game so much they featured it in their […]

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Zite for iPad

Integrating social networking and news, Zite for iPad is pretty slick at combining both of these things. With this App you can add Twitter, Google Reader, Delicious and read it later. Once you connect the services of your choice the App will “Build a Magazine” for you. Then much like that news stand publication  you […]

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