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Desert Zombie: Last Stand for iOS

While we all wait for the next season of The Walking Dead to start back up you can get your Zombie killing itch scratched with Desert Zombie: Last Stand. Eight Wonder Studios developed a fun game where you can collect in-game cash to upgrade your weapons and blast zombie after zombie. Using either stationary turrets […]

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A great FPS multiplayer experience on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

If you’re a “Hardcore Gamer” and want a mobile first person shooter multiplayer game then Warm Gun may be your ticket. Emotional Robots Inc has come out with a title set in the old west but with a futuristic steam punk like feel. There are seven maps to do battle on (Ragdoll, Lowside, Attrition, Dear […]

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Wormholes – fan made Portal game for iOS

If you’re a Portal fan and disappointed that there is no mobile version this could be you fix! Wormholes is a fan made rendition of Valve’s Portal developed by Jeremy Slavitz. The game follows closely to Portal’s gameplay, Solve 3D puzzles and wield the A978 Wormhole gun to navigate through levels while also using cubes and […]

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Republique – A Stealth Survival gaming experience for mobile devices

Developed by some of the gaming industry’s blockbuster talent behind the likes of Metal Gear Solid, Halo, and F.E.A.R. Republique is a collaborative effort between Seattle-based Camouflaj and Logan specifically targeted for mobile touch based devices. Camoflaj turned to Kickstarter for some help from the public with this new game due to a lack of industry financial backing. […]

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Mass Effect 3’s mobile doppelganger – Infiltrator

    EA will be releasing a supporting iOS game for their Mass Effect franchise called Infiltrator. EA has stated that it will be available around the same launch date as the console version (March 6th). This first person shooter will have some major tie ins to the upcoming Mass Effect 3 title for Console […]

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Game on your iDevice console style

There are more and more accessories popping up on the market these days for your iDevice. If you are a gamer you could be interested in this iOS compatible gaming controller dubbed GamePad by 60beat a company that also developed a heart rate monitor for your iPhone, this game controller plugs into the headphone jack […]

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Batman- Arkham City Lockdown for iOS

I was happy to see this new Batman game today on the App store. Created using Epic’s Unreal engine this game has everything you would expect in terms of graphics. Very detailed clean and sharp the visuals draw you in to the game. It looks stunning on the iPhone 4’s retina display. At the start […]

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Combat Arms: Zombies for iOS

Nexon Mobile  (Facebook page) has Licensed Unreal Engine 3 for the iOS and is currently in development. Prior to it’s release later this month Combat Zombies will be shown at the South Korean top games expo G-star in Busan on November 10th. Combat Zombies is a first-person shooter for the iPhone and like many games […]

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Dark Meadow- out now in the App store

We previously reviewed Dark Meadow from Phosphor Game Studios when it was still in development. Now that it’s on the App store we can give you the low down. With this game being built on the Unreal engine and I can assure you that the graphics are amazing! The detail, lighting and colors are gorgeous. The […]

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Bladeslinger for Android and iOS

The mobile games are just starting to pour out this year. This is a great year in the mobile gaming scene with one of the first hits like Infinity Blade, Dead Space, and a personal favorite RageHD. There’s a new kid in town and his name is Bladeslinger, actually the character’s name is William Glaston. […]

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With such great mobile games out there like Dead Space and RageHD the bar is set pretty high. Until Shadowgun, A new mobile game to hit the market for iOS and Android. This game uses a cover system much like the one used in the Gears of War games. It enables you to hide behind cover […]

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Joypad for iOS

Check out this new app. It’s called Joypad and you can find it on the app store for free. This new app allows you to sync your iPhone to an iPad over Bluetooth. What this does is quite amazing. It turns your iPhone into a controller to play games on your iPad. It’s also possible to […]

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Dark Meadow for iOS

This is a wickedly awesome looking game built on the unreal engine. It’s a first person gesture based shooting and melee combat system with unbelievable graphics. Check out the video and review from IGN.  

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