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MYO – It’s all in the wrist

The future is quickly catching up to us. All of those cool futuristic gadgets and actions that were in the movies over the past ten years or so are mostly a reality now. Nintendo kicked it off with the Wii and Microsoft took it to a whole other level with Xbox Kinect. And very soon […]

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Add GPS to your WiFi iPod touch or iPad

  With the Bad Elf BE-GPS 1000 you can use navigation on your iPod touch or iPad where ever you might need it. No really, anywhere! The Bad Elf satellite receiver can lock on up to 15 satellites to use GPS navigation all in a compact dongle that’s about the size of a quarter. Accurate within 8 ft the device can […]

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Add Bluetooth streaming to a stock car stereo

update: with the release of the iPhone 5 this method works great since there are no accessories on the market to connect to car stereos. Adding Bluetooth to a stock car stereo can be easier than one might think. It can also get a bit expensive depending on which route you want to go. There are plenty […]

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O.R.B. Bluetooth headset Ring

Hybra Advanced Technology a product development company based in Traverse City, Michigan have a new product on the horizon. This cutting edge product can be worn on your person and combines fashion, style and technology in one small package. Imagine feeling a vibration alert, on your finger! and as you look down at a your O.R.B […]

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Use the Playstation Six Axis controller with Linux

  Linux could very well be the underdog of all operating systems. The popularity and ever-growing use of this OS is spawning more and more these days. Here is one handy application that can be used on the Linux platform. Developer FalkTX created QtSixA (GUI), which is an interface that uses sixad (C++ backend code) […]

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Portable Energy Station for iPhone, iPad, iPod

Satechi has announced that it is now shipping its Portable Energy Station for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other USB-charging devices. The Portable Energy Station is a compact black-and-silver 10,000 mAh battery pack offering both a 1 Amp and 2 Amp USB port, allowing for fast charging of both the iPhone and iPad, as well […]

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This give a WHOLE new meaning to, Playing with your balls!

OK get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about Sphero, a robotic ball that you can control with your mobile device via Bluetooth connectivity. Not to sure what you would use this for exactly, besides to just have some fun but at $129.99 seems a little steep to me for what it does. […]

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America’s new tech hero- HULC

Ok Lockheed Martin did not genetically make the “HULK” of Comic book lore to enlist in battle. In fact what they did do is engineer an Exoskeleton to be worn by Army personnel in the field. HULC is a Hydraukic-powered anthropomorphic exoskeleton that provides the wearer added ability to carry up two 200 pounds. The […]

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Space Mining, is it really a possibility?

  According to an article from a group of billionaires and former NASA scientists plan to announce a new company, Planetary Resources Inc. They are claiming to add trillions of dollars to the global economy by mining asteroids that are floating through space near Earth. Now this sounds a little science fiction but I […]

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Ultra compact Keyboard and Monitor that fits in your pocket!

Frank etc. Designs has a concept computer they call the Spider. By folding out its three legs it can be set on top of any flat surface to surf the web. What’s uniques about this prototype design is that it has a tiny projector that when the small mirror is flipped up can be projected […]

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Google has glasses?? Well not yet.

Google employees have leaked that by the end of the year Google will be releasing the Google glasses. These new spectacles would allow the user to see up to date information just inches from their eye, without having to look at their mobile device. The glasses will be Android based and cost between $250 and […]

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The Texas Flashlight – Your guardian Angel in the dark

The FMG9 Prototype is a flashlight mounted design that will never see production. Its definitely an ingenious idea though. This is a flashlight and a handle that is mounted onto a thin box like mechanism. At the push of a button it quickly folds out to a hand gun with an extended stock. Then it […]

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Improve PS3 performance with a Solid State Drive

    SSD’s are a large improvement from any conventional drive. With the Ultra-Low latency on a SSD you can gain great speed improvements and with that better graphic enhancements. The moving parts in a conventional Hard Drive reduce the performance that the GPU’s are capable of. So graphics will render slower and load times […]

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Improving antenna strength with a spray can

Ever found yourself walking around and checking your signal on your phone to see if it increased, or maybe you have held it out in front of you or above you to see if strength improved. Well there could be no more saying “can you hear me now” when this new product hits the market. […]

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