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Set a longer more secure Passcode – on iOS

If you don’t already use a passcode for your iDevice and your concerned about keeping your information private you should enable it from the settings app. There are a number of reasons to set a passcode for your phone but if you want a more secure code, you can enable one easily. This can be […]

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What to do after installing Absinthe 2.0 Untethered Jailbreak – updated

If your new to Jailbreaking and you just installed Absinthe 2.0 there are a few things to do right after the Jailbreak is installed. First you may want to add some more sources which I ‘ll describe immediately below, next you may want add some tweaks to spruce up you device and the last thing […]

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Jailbreak (Untethered 5.1.1)- Absinthe 2.0.4 is released, Links and Tutorial

Today at the Hack In The Box conference in Amsterdam. Pod2g and the Chronic Dev Team not only talked about the latest exploit for iOS 5.1.1 firmware but also released a Jailbreak to the world. This has been long-awaited especially for myself since two months ago I had to restore my device and lost my […]

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Setting up your Google services on iOS

Setting up your Gmail by using Microsoft Exchange will let all of your google service not only sync but also push new notifications to your device. When you add a contact or an event in google calendar will show up on your device without the need to sync. So first open the Settings app and […]

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Screen shot “how to” for iOS and Mac

Screen shots are a wonderful thing. You can take a screen shot of something that you don’t want to forget. Like Password info for a new account that you started, or a picture that you found on the web when the site won’t let you save it. You get the idea. The question is do […]

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Run Windows Applications on Mac

This is an application that my step father told me about over a year ago when I first switched to using a Mac. At that time I was thinking “I just switch to a Mac why would I want to still run Windows apps?” well something I didn’t realize is that even with the ever-growing […]

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Use your own handwriting as your Font

Ever type out a document and thought it would be great if it was in your own handwriting? well has an interesting idea of using just that same concept. All that you need to do is fill out a template that can be downloaded from their site. Fill it out and scan it and […]

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Convert video files directly in OS X

3rd party software for converting video is no longer needed if you have upgraded to Lion. There are some limitations to this but if you only have the need to convert a video then this should work just fine. Under the settings drop down you can select from 480p, 720p, 1080, Audio only or Apple […]

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How to hide and Un-hide Hidden files in Finder for Mac

There may come a time when you need to show the hidden files in Finder. This is something that you may not have to do very often but when you do don’t forget to hide the files again. This is also nothing new if you have used a Mac for a while but it’s one […]

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Glowing Apple Mod – iPhone 4 instructional

This is a mod to get the Apple logo on the back of an iPhone 4/4s to glow like a Macbook Pro. Be sure to check out the VIDEO BELOW. The kit is from KOGadget and can be ordered from their Facebook page. If you have the mod and need to install, here is a […]

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Copy iTunes music between libraries-Mac or PC

If you have ever wanted to get a copy of an album or track from another iTunes library, you can do it quickly and easily. There are other ways to export or transfer your entire library but I will be specifically dealing with Albums and tracks. For the sake of ┬áthis tutorial I will take […]

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How to Share Apps, Books and Music between all of your idevices

This is an easy way to get your content on multiple devices with out syncing to iTunes.┬áThis feature was added on firmware update 4.3.3. If you have made a purchase of Music, books or even Apps from the app Store you can download those items between all or any of your iDevices. For example, if […]

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Make your own ringtones in iTunes for FREE

Why pay .99 to $1.29 for a ringtone when you can make it for free! Here is how to make either a ringtone or an alert tone (iOS 5 only) from a song that’s already in your iTunes library for your idevice. They both are made the same way and the only difference is the […]

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How four finger gestures are used on iOS 5 with iPad 2

Now this may take a little getting used to. I have been so accustomed to using the home button that this still takes me a second to start using. If you decide to turn this on it must be activated in Settings>General and then scroll down to find Multitasking Gestures and turn on the slider. […]

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