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Set a longer more secure Passcode – on iOS

If you don’t already use a passcode for your iDevice and your concerned about keeping your information private you should enable it from the settings app. There are a number of reasons to set a passcode for your phone but if you want a more secure code, you can enable one easily. This can be […]

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How four finger gestures are used on iOS 5 with iPad 2

Now this may take a little getting used to. I have been so accustomed to using the home button that this still takes me a second to start using. If you decide to turn this on it must be activated in Settings>General and then scroll down to find Multitasking Gestures and turn on the slider. […]

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How to use iMessage on iOS 5

If you have upgraded to iOS 5 you now have to learn all the cool new features that came with it. One of the coolest ones has to be iMessage. This is the one that cellular networks are going to dislike the most since it will take business away from their monopolizing (and over priced) […]

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Make your own custom gesture to do your bidding!

If you read allot on your iPad this little tool could come in handy. In this video I show you how to make and save a custom gesture. You can make a gesture pretty much anything you want so get creative.

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Connect your iDevice with an HP photosmart printer

Setting up your HP printer doesn’t have to be a challenge. With just a few steps and a little patience you can be up and running sooner that you think. The model I will directly be dealing with here will be the D110 and is a wireless networked printer. This is the lower line model […]

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How to set and buy message tones in iOS 5

Apple added a new function that will now allow you to set a separate tone for Voice Mail, New Mail, Sent Mail, Tweet, Calendar and Reminders. What they also have added is a Tone Store which you can buy new tones for .99. Here how to do it.     Go to the Settings app […]

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iOS shortcuts and hints

These should all apply to any device running iOS 5 From the Lock Screen: -If you have a missed call that is showing on the lock Screen, you can slide the phone icon to the right and return the call – Have a missed text… slide to the right and iOS will take you to […]

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How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

If you would like to know how to jailbreak your iDevice this is the reference you need to see! This will guide you through choosing your device and get you the details on what jailbreak method and software you will need. It will also give you a tutorial on how to do it as well. […]

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