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Amplify sound and increase screen size of your iPhone 4 with HiveDock

If you don’t have an Apple TV or maybe you don’t have a large screen tv to mirror your iPhones display to. If you like to share video with others around you or maybe your just not into all that tech stuff. The HiveDock from Screendoor Studio may be your low tech device that can […]

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The iPad 3 is here!

With the release of the 3rd gen iPad this week there has been a lot of excitement. Some of the pre orders arrived early, new gaming anticipations, and some benchmarking has been done as well. As for the lucky ones that have received their early arrivals, they have been able to get the first hands […]

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Steve Jobs, a memorial

Today we all mark as one of the saddest days in technological history. We all lost an innovative icon at 56, that changed the history of computers and lives of people across the world. I have included this Tribute to Steve from our President. I feel that he said it best. President Barack Obama: Michelle […]

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