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Muze – your new music app

If you take a moment to reflect on the iPod and how far it has come and its main purpose you can’t deny it’s popularity, but there is one thing that was left to be desired. The interface and how you controlled your music. Apple  didn’t really change it much. Remember the click wheel and […]

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Change the Way You Type – SlideWriter Is Here

Introducing an iPad app called SlideWriter. It’s goal, to change the way that you type on your tablet device, by letting you move a cursor around or select text by simply sliding your finger around. Mark Tholking of SlideWriter has created a video, which is the best way to show you exactly what the app […]

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the latest iPhone pico projector by Dausen

For the ultimate in mobile portability and large screen enjoyment there’s always a projector peripheral. As long as you have a large flat wall or surface you can view your iPhone display in all it’s glory with a pico projector. I guess if you wanted to use it for a presentation where modern A/V is […]

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iPhone + Summer = Water – The Scuba Case

Summer’s almost here, meaning you might want to start preparing your iPhone for the water. Pool, river-floating, the ocean and water parks are all possibilities during the popular season. This means that if you don’t have a waterproof case, you might want to get one. And if you aren’t sure what to look for, you […]

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Amplify sound and increase screen size of your iPhone 4 with HiveDock

If you don’t have an Apple TV or maybe you don’t have a large screen tv to mirror your iPhones display to. If you like to share video with others around you or maybe your just not into all that tech stuff. The HiveDock from Screendoor Studio may be your low tech device that can […]

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Impressive iPhone5 concept

We found this today and just had to share. Normally we tend to not focus on rumors or speculation on the newest tech gadgets but this is a concept and neither of the two. By far this has to be the best concept of the next-gen iPhone that I have seen to date. If Apple […]

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Convert your iPad into a Macbook Air with – Brydge

Ever since I started using an iPad I wondered why anyone would want to use an external keyboard?! You have a beautiful onscreen keyboard marched with the unparalleled UI of iOS and it works seamlessly while typing on such an already ultra portable device. So for these reasons I never jumped on the external iPad […]

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Leaked iPhone 5 Home button

Original story by Apple Bitch. The iphone 5 home button appeared on TVC-mall.com a Chinese supplier site under iPhone 5 replacement parts. The supplier which is located in Shenzhen, China listed the part where it had previously been absent. With this new info you can see that not only is the button redesigned but that […]

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Desert Zombie: Last Stand for iOS

While we all wait for the next season of The Walking Dead to start back up you can get your Zombie killing itch scratched with Desert Zombie: Last Stand. Eight Wonder Studios developed a fun game where you can collect in-game cash to upgrade your weapons and blast zombie after zombie. Using either stationary turrets […]

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A great FPS multiplayer experience on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

If you’re a “Hardcore Gamer” and want a mobile first person shooter multiplayer game then Warm Gun may be your ticket. Emotional Robots Inc has come out with a title set in the old west but with a futuristic steam punk like feel. There are seven maps to do battle on (Ragdoll, Lowside, Attrition, Dear […]

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Wormholes – fan made Portal game for iOS

If you’re a Portal fan and disappointed that there is no mobile version this could be you fix! Wormholes is a fan made rendition of Valve’s Portal developed by Jeremy Slavitz. The game follows closely to Portal’s gameplay, Solve 3D puzzles and wield the A978 Wormhole gun to navigate through levels while also using cubes and […]

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Republique – A Stealth Survival gaming experience for mobile devices

Developed by some of the gaming industry’s blockbuster talent behind the likes of Metal Gear Solid, Halo, and F.E.A.R. Republique is a collaborative effort between Seattle-based Camouflaj and Logan specifically targeted for mobile touch based devices. Camoflaj turned to Kickstarter for some help from the public with this new game due to a lack of industry financial backing. […]

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Please help us welcome our new partner – OMG OS X

  If you would like to gain more knowledge about Apple, Mac or iOS products or devices then OMG OS X will the right stop for you. Help us welcome our new partner and stop their site to check out all of the great info they have to offer. Thank you, ElectricSproket

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The iPad 3 is here!

With the release of the 3rd gen iPad this week there has been a lot of excitement. Some of the pre orders arrived early, new gaming anticipations, and some benchmarking has been done as well. As for the lucky ones that have received their early arrivals, they have been able to get the first hands […]

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