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Get a more realistic racing experience with Playseat – E3

So you like driving games do ya?! Well if that’s right then Playseat Racing is what you’ll want. Made from real racing seats Playseat integrates steering and foot pedal controls to give you the ultimate racing experience. Right in your own living room. Seeing these things live at E3 does them way more justice than […]

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Unique UI in a gaming PC – Razer gaming laptop

Razer Gaming Hardware showed off their wicked new hardware at E3 this year. They have some new stuff for the gaming community, PC gaming community that is. ElectricSproket originally covered this new gaming laptop last year and now Razer had it on display at E3. With it’s 10 tactile key and 4.05″ LCD UI that […]

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E3 2012 Day 2

Another busy day in down town LA at the Convention Center. Staples Center is directly next door and the LA Kings played (but they lost) so the parking in the surrounding ares was increased to absurd amounts. The Kings have one more games to go so lets see if they can win the Stanley Cup. […]

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GAEMS – Sentry G155 Personal Gaming Environment

I first saw GAEMS (Gaming And Entertainment Mobile System) console case at last years E3 and thought it was an awesome product. I thought they couldn’t make it any better but they proved me wrong with their new case. The Sentry is a case the houses a Xbox 360 or PS3. It has padding into […]

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Dead Space 3 – E3 2012

I was hooked when Dead Space 2 was released. I played the game multiple times and the multiplayer was awesome. If you love scary movies and you’re a gamer this game is where it’s at! For some odd reason when I played the demo for the first Dead Space I wasn’t as captivated by it. […]

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Videogame History Museum – E3 2012

Presented by Gearbox software The Videogame History Museum was collecting quite a buzz. How could it not with classic artifacts and memorabilia from the game consoles of the past. In the booth were classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Altered Beast, Defender and Asteroids among many more. Tables that displayed game consoles from Atari, Nintendo and […]

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E3 2012 Day 1

It was a busy day at the LA convention Center. Before you could even get into the building NOS was out front with a large booth. They had a couple of themed-out show cars a DJ and lots of booth babes handing out NOS as everyone viewed on. After a long wait in line just […]

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HAWKEN – E3 2012

ElecrtricSproket had the chance to play Hawken on day 1 one at E3. As I approached the TwitchTV booth there were Alienware PC stations set up and running the game. Set in a futuristic Mech genre you pilot a mech and battle it out multiplayer style. Being a PC based game, It took a little […]

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Microsoft’s Entertainment Evolved E3 press event

Here is a short wrap up of todays press conference. The Microsoft Pre-E3 event today was filled with lots of exciting new stuff. It opened with the introduction of Halo 4. The demo featured the Master Chief in the next and final installment of the Halo series. Next Ubisoft debuted Splinter Cell “Black List” with […]

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