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What will become of the next-gen gaming consoles?

A rival has pitted three companies against each other for the title of King of Consoles. This rival is good for all of us gamers since it pushes these companies to improve and upgrade hardware for a better gaming experience. There was a time when Nintendo had a high footing on the industry and reigned […]

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A laptop handed down by Odin himself for portable gamers – The Razer Blade

You can say this is the new Blademaster to wipe all the others out. Razer announced that it will be launching the “Blade”, a new piece of equipment that is supposedly a multi-screen killing machine according to it’s creators. It’s a larger incarnated version of its predecessor the Razer Switchblade, this new one will have […]

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Gaikai’s Cloud based gaming for computers & mobile devices

Taking gaming a new level, GaiKai is building a cloud based gaming platform (this may very well compete with Steam). You can play a demo of a short list of games on their site with the option to buy. There is no software to download its all done through your browser.  This technology allows gamers […]

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With such great mobile games out there like Dead Space and RageHD the bar is set pretty high. Until Shadowgun, A new mobile game to hit the market for iOS and Android. This game uses a cover system much like the one used in the Gears of War games. It enables you to hide behind cover […]

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Add color to your device

ColorWare can change the color of all most any device. They use a scratch resistant liquid plastic coating to make a high gloss finish and the result is pretty impressive, but so is the price. While this product is not inexpensive it does produce a great looking result and makes your device very unique. With a variety […]

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Joypad for iOS

Check out this new app. It’s called Joypad and you can find it on the app store for free. This new app allows you to sync your iPhone to an iPad over Bluetooth. What this does is quite amazing. It turns your iPhone into a controller to play games on your iPad. It’s also possible to […]

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Two Playstation Tablets due out this Fall

First the Playstation phone now a tablet? No wait, two tablets??!! Check out the info from Kotaku  

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