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What did you watch today? check out this all in one video app for iPad

All the mobile videos you could want, right at your finger tips, YouTube, Mashable, Laughing Squid, College Humor,IGN, NBC you name it and it’s there in Frequency. Connect with YouTube, Twitter and Facebook then start following your favorite video blogs or channels. Frequency is a video hub where you can do all of this in […]

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How to use iMessage on iOS 5

If you have upgraded to iOS 5 you now have to learn all the cool new features that came with it. One of the coolest ones has to be iMessage. This is the one that cellular networks are going to dislike the most since it will take business away from their monopolizing (and over priced) […]

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Siri for all idevices running iOS 5! Coming soon

A developer known as @Jackoplane on Twitter announced today that he has Siri working and able to connect to Apple’s servers. He states that it will be able to run on any iOS device with iOS 5 firmware. Which includes both models of the iPad, iPhone 4 and 3GS, and the iPod touch 3rd and […]

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Make your own custom gesture to do your bidding!

If you read allot on your iPad this little tool could come in handy. In this video I show you how to make and save a custom gesture. You can make a gesture pretty much anything you want so get creative.

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How to set a custom Vibration on iPhone with iOS 5

iOS 5 allows you to set a custom vibration, which can be done from the General section of the settings app here’s a short vid on how to do this. You can also make a separate vibration ton alert for individual contacts by just editing your contact and choosing the vibration alert. Make sure that […]

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How to set and buy message tones in iOS 5

Apple added a new function that will now allow you to set a separate tone for Voice Mail, New Mail, Sent Mail, Tweet, Calendar and Reminders. What they also have added is a Tone Store which you can buy new tones for .99. Here how to do it.     Go to the Settings app […]

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Install iOS 5 GM firmware now!

If you don’t want to wait for the official release of Apple’s newest firmware you can install it now. Normally you will have to make sure that your UDID is registered with Apple before you can actually do this. Unlike the beta versions the GM can be installed without this. Here’s what you’ll need to […]

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Let’s Talk iPhone event run down

I wanted to take some time to post a wrap up of today’s news. Tim Cook was the first to take the stage and welcome everyone to the Apple campus at Town Hall. He spent some time talking about the growth of Apple’s retail locations and how the Mac has grown at 23% & the […]

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iOS shortcuts and hints

These should all apply to any device running iOS 5 From the Lock Screen: -If you have a missed call that is showing on the lock Screen, you can slide the phone icon to the right and return the call – Have a missed text… slide to the right and iOS will take you to […]

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