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Date and Time syncing issues on iPhone 5 and how to fix it

Some people are experiencing a problem with the time and date not syncing correctly on their new iPhone 5. It seems that this problem is mainly on Verizon’s network according to Apple Informer via Apple Insider. When Verizon was posed with the issue they claim that the problem is with Apple’s firmware. Apple is then pointing the finger at […]

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iPhone 5 lightning cable charging problem

I found a problem while charging my iPhone 5 today. After I plugged in the lightning cable to charge I accidentally bumped it and noticed it had stopped charging. So I slightly wiggled the connector left and right. While doing this I noticed that it would start charging (it made the charge sound) then it […]

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Impressive iPhone5 concept

We found this today and just had to share. Normally we tend to not focus on rumors or speculation on the newest tech gadgets but this is a concept and neither of the two. By far this has to be the best concept of the next-gen iPhone that I have seen to date. If Apple […]

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Leaked iPhone 5 Home button

Original story by Apple Bitch. The iphone 5 home button appeared on TVC-mall.com a Chinese supplier site under iPhone 5 replacement parts. The supplier which is located in Shenzhen, China listed the part where it had previously been absent. With this new info you can see that not only is the button redesigned but that […]

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I’m waiting for the iPhone 5, are you?

Sorry iPhone 4s, I believe you are second best to the iPhone 5. I decided not to get the iPhone 4s and wait till next years release. I did this for a few reasons, one being that I want out of my AT&T contract and am not willing to pay to get out of it. […]

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The Rise of Cupertino

Since 2007 Apple has been an ever-growing force to be reckoned with. Ya sure they had that iPod thing for years before that and then there were those computers that they made even before that. It wasn’t until the iPhone that Apple really made their stake in the industry. The iPod was just a stepping […]

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