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How to share an App on iOS

If you have multiple iDevices you can share apps that you purchased from separate apple ID’s. This is good use of the 5 allotted computers that Apple gives you to share your content with. So here’s how to share an app you’ve purchased with a friend. Email the app to your friend (if the file size is small enough) […]

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Tether from your iPhone using iTether

So if you want to tether your iPhone with a computer or other mobile device you will need to pay your carrier an extra $20-$50 a month on top of your data plan (depending on the plan your already on). Sound good to you? well i don’t think so. I think that since you already […]

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Respond to a message on your device without ever lifting your hands from the keyboard

Ever been at your computer while working or surfing the net and get a text message? at this time you stop typing and pick up your phone and respond to the message. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to pick up your device to type a reply? Well Canada based Matias corporations has […]

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Watch or record live TV on your computer or iOS device with HD HomeRun

Ok, so your away from home and you want to record that episode of Golden Girls. It’s the one that you alway miss and you really need to add it to your collection. Well HDHomRun has you covered. Ok so maybe that was a bad example because you’ve already seen all the Golden Girls episodes […]

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Dension’s WiRC – iPhone controller for R/C cars

There are many things that the iPhone or iOS can remotely control. TV’s, DVD players, Entertainment/Media centers and Web cams but now you can control something all new… your R/C car, boat or plane! Dension’s WiRC controller can remotely control these via WiFi and it can handle up to 8 servos. This new R/C tech […]

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Node – remotely controlled sensors for anything you can imagine

Variable Technologies is developing a new device about the size of a roll of quarters. Dubbed the Node it can be used for just about any job you could muster up. The Node is a Bluetooth enabled device that has interchangeable modules. You will have to use a different module for each type of task […]

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Change fonts in your iDevice with Bytafont

Bytafont is another jailbreak tweak that you can change multiple fonts in your iPhone or iPod touch. Wether you wan to change all the fonts or just one or two, Bytafont can help. It can change the main System,Lockscreen Clock, Dialer/Calculator, Notes, and Keyboard fonts individually or all together. This is a great tweak to […]

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Change your iPhone’s carrier image with Zeppelin

Zeppelin is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to change the carrier from AT&T or Verizon or what ever carrier you may have. The tweak lets you choose an icon that changes instantly when selected in the settings. It’s a fun tweak that allows you to personalize your phone even more to your liking. This […]

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Let your Smartphone watch data usage for you

Do you have the evil corporate tiered data plan? Do you ever go over the cap and get charged extra? Well there’s an app for that! and he’s called DataMan. DataMan is your new super data monitoring hero, just set your billing date, monthly allowance (your tier from your carrier) and then set your threshold alert […]

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Charge your device with a visual animated glow

This cable looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. Something out of a techie’s dream. Just imagine your iPhone plugged in and charging. All while there is an animated blue glow flowing throughout the cable from the power source towards the phone (as if visual electricity is flowing). It seems to flow very fast […]

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Bring iPad gestures to your iPhone

Zephyr is a jailbreak tweak that can be found on Cydia using the BigBoss repository. See video for all the info.

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Glowing Apple Mod – iPhone 4 instructional

This is a mod to get the Apple logo on the back of an iPhone 4/4s to glow like a Macbook Pro. Be sure to check out the VIDEO BELOW. The kit is from KOGadget and can be ordered from their Facebook page. If you have the mod and need to install, here is a […]

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LightPad Turns your smartphone into a 11″ laptop or wall projector

If you like to use your mobile device to the extreme then LightPad might interest you. With the selling points of portability and presentations  QP Optoelectronics has made a laptop like device that has a pico-projector and full keyboard built in. What’s nice about this product is that you can use the projector on the […]

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Zombie blast’n fun- Zombie Wonderland 2

Zombie Wonderland 2- Outta Time is a fun and multi challenging game in which you defend your area using different defense mechanisms and blasting zombie butt! You’re a zombie killing janitor who must stop this zombie outbreak. Build up your coins in-game play or you can make an in app purchase of coins to buy […]

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