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Add GPS to your WiFi iPod touch or iPad

  With the Bad Elf BE-GPS 1000 you can use navigation on your iPod touch or iPad where ever you might need it. No really, anywhere! The Bad Elf satellite receiver can lock on up to 15 satellites to use GPS navigation all in a compact dongle that’s about the size of a quarter. Accurate within 8 ft the device can […]

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Search Google with your handwriting- for mobile devices

Because typing is so…yesterday! Yes Google updated their mobile search engine so it can recognize writing on the screen to do a search. It works pretty well too! All that you need to do is start writing on the screen and your text will be recognized and converted to text in the search bar. This […]

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Ultra compact Keyboard and Monitor that fits in your pocket!

Frank etc. Designs has a concept computer they call the Spider. By folding out its three legs it can be set on top of any flat surface to surf the web. What’s uniques about this prototype design is that it has a tiny projector that when the small mirror is flipped up can be projected […]

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Google has glasses?? Well not yet.

Google employees have leaked that by the end of the year Google will be releasing the Google glasses. These new spectacles would allow the user to see up to date information just inches from their eye, without having to look at their mobile device. The glasses will be Android based and cost between $250 and […]

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Node – remotely controlled sensors for anything you can imagine

Variable Technologies is developing a new device about the size of a roll of quarters. Dubbed the Node it can be used for just about any job you could muster up. The Node is a Bluetooth enabled device that has interchangeable modules. You will have to use a different module for each type of task […]

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LightPad Turns your smartphone into a 11″ laptop or wall projector

If you like to use your mobile device to the extreme then LightPad might interest you. With the selling points of portability and presentations  QP Optoelectronics has made a laptop like device that has a pico-projector and full keyboard built in. What’s nice about this product is that you can use the projector on the […]

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‘OS X Lion ultimatum theme for iPhone

This has to be the most elaborate theme I have ever seen! It is an exact replication of the Mac OS but on the iPhone. Even the menu, mission control and widgets are functional. Once you activate the theme it will take some time to set up but it will be worth it. There are […]

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Joypad for iOS

Check out this new app. It’s called Joypad and you can find it on the app store for free. This new app allows you to sync your iPhone to an iPad over Bluetooth. What this does is quite amazing. It turns your iPhone into a controller to play games on your iPad. It’s also possible to […]

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How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

If you would like to know how to jailbreak your iDevice this is the reference you need to see! This will guide you through choosing your device and get you the details on what jailbreak method and software you will need. It will also give you a tutorial on how to do it as well. […]

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Run Linux on your idevice

Developers are currently working on this and will be ready in the not so distant future. The ability to run Android on older devices is possible but with this new development it could also be possible to run it on the latest devices. Check out this short review from iJailbreak.com Here is a bit more […]

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How to jailbreak iPhone firmware 4.3.4 and above

By now allot of you have already heard about jailbreaking. You have also heard many positive and negative points about it as well. If your not scared to attempt this you could run a slew of third party apps that allow your phone to do some amazing things. Once you have done this the big […]

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