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Muze – your new music app

If you take a moment to reflect on the iPod and how far it has come and its main purpose you can’t deny it’s popularity, but there is one thing that was left to be desired. The interface and how you controlled your music. Apple  didn’t really change it much. Remember the click wheel and […]

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Control music with a gesture of your hand

Since the introduction of Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox gestures and the reading of body motion to control devices and actions are becoming the next evolution. That Evolution is bleeding its way to the Mac OS X by way of an app called Flutter by Bot Square. What Flutter does (as of right now) is play […]

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Rocking Out with the Porcelain Pistols

The song begins. It’s the Porcelain Pistols performing “Superhero”, the keyboard starts off the song with inviting notes drawing the crowd in to hear what will come next, then EVee’s voice breaks through with such smooth and mellow tones then a rough twist becoming more intriguing, then drums start giving the song it’s heartbeat, finally […]

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Line 6 Mobile In Guitar interface

Line 6 will soon be releasing a plug-in interface for guitar players to use on iPhone and iPad. It features 64 models of classic amps and effects. Line 6 is known for their amp and effect modeling so I hope this new device is comparable. The “Mobile In” has 1/8″ guitar and 1/8″ stereo inputs, […]

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