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Introducing the “Unofficial” Mac App store – The Hackstore

What would we all do without the Mac App store? Where would we get our apps from? did we have any apps before the Mac app store? Well, as vast as the App Store has become in such a short amount of time.  There actually were apps before Apple put together the massive collection of […]

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Customize Lion with ease, try Lion Designer 2

There are many apps, tweaks and command line code to customize your Mac. Some are not for the faint of heart when it comes to using the Terminal in OS X. Terminal tweaks need to be typed in exactly or they either will not work or could damage your OS (if using a SUDO command). […]

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Control music with a gesture of your hand

Since the introduction of Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox gestures and the reading of body motion to control devices and actions are becoming the next evolution. That Evolution is bleeding its way to the Mac OS X by way of an app called Flutter by Bot Square. What Flutter does (as of right now) is play […]

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Download Messages Beta for Mac

Messages is one of the new features of the upcoming Mountain Lion OS X from Apple. This is currently only available for  OS X 10.7.3 Lion users and replaces iChat. Whats great about this app is it integrates with all of your iOS devices just like iMessage. Start a message on one device and pick […]

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Convert video files directly in OS X

3rd party software for converting video is no longer needed if you have upgraded to Lion. There are some limitations to this but if you only have the need to convert a video then this should work just fine. Under the settings drop down you can select from 480p, 720p, 1080, Audio only or Apple […]

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