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How to insert a blank space in your Mac’s Dock

If you have a dock that has a variety of apps and want to separate or even organize those apps, I have a trick for you. Here is a simple Terminal command that will insert a blank space or divider that you can move to any point in the dock. If you want to remove […]

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Screen shot “how to” for iOS and Mac

Screen shots are a wonderful thing. You can take a screen shot of something that you don’t want to forget. Like Password info for a new account that you started, or a picture that you found on the web when the site won’t let you save it. You get the idea. The question is do […]

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How to hide and Un-hide Hidden files in Finder for Mac

There may come a time when you need to show the hidden files in Finder. This is something that you may not have to do very often but when you do don’t forget to hide the files again. This is also nothing new if you have used a Mac for a while but it’s one […]

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