Logitech Harmony Link- Universal remote of universal remotes

Logitech has release a new device into the market this month. It’s a new way of turning your iPhone, iPad or other smartphones into remote controls.

The Logitech Harmony Link is one of the few devices out in the market that literally “links” your iPad with your house appliances. With its sleek, jet-black polished exterior it looks like a face powder makeup container. Regardless, it can do much more than powder your face.

For those who already owned a Harmony brand the Logitech Harmony Link has inherited the basic features of its predecessors in the Logitech Harmony Remote Control Brands. It has 4 plug-ins; USB, power and two IR blaster ports along with LED indicator lights. Very simplistic for those who hate a convoluted entanglement of wires.

Once you download the free app on your iPad or iPhone, you’ll be able to turn on your TV, your sound system, and what it’s manufacturer says “5000+” compatible models. Before you place the Harmony Link in your living room, you need to connect it to a PC for the initial setup. You have to go to Logitech’s http://www.myharmony.com/ and you’ll have to answer a series of questions about how your home theater is set up. The most tedious part of the setup is writing down all the model numbers of home theater devices, which might entail you going behind your cabinet and getting the numbers there.

With that said, you can use multiple iPads, allowing more users to have their own unique preferences. And to help with multitasking it’s possible to still surf the web, read an e-book, or play a game and still be able to change the channel or play your Xbox360.

It has an interactive way of helping you out with what settings you want on your control. Just a sway of the finger and the volume is louder or softer, change contrast and brightness, or change the channel effortlessly. Its remote reception is one to be noticed as well as it can still operate through closed cabinets via IR blasting that effectively ends times when one would slam their leg or head against an open cabinet saving you the headache.

For PS3 fans I would shy away from this due to the fact that this device lacks a Bluetooth connection, if you want to, you can dish out an extra $50 for the Logitech Harmony Adapter.

It’s a pretty good luxury to have and adds more usefulness to the already versatile iPad. It runs at 99.99. Definitely for someone who likes organization and a neat and sleek look in their house.

-Arlo Slim

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