Add widgets to Notification Center without a Jailbreak for iOS

If you have apps that are used frequently and you would like to access them rather quickly. Speed U is a great way to unobtrusively add this functionality to your iOS device. Usually jailbreaking your device is necessary to get a feature like this. SBSettings is a popular tweak for this purpose and while it allows for a wider range of functionality, again you will need to jailbreak to get it. Speed U has a slick idea of putting these “widgets” or notifications that will show in iOS Notifications Center which is how the app works, by notifications. In the app just select what you would like to use and in the settings menu within the app you can select up to five apps or actions that will appear in NC once it’s set. A speed dial, Text message, URL or email that is used frequently can be set as such when the respective apps are chosen. The app is for iPhone but will work for iPad too.  Grab it from the app store while its FREE and here’s a quick little “How To” to get you started.

Speed U (app store link)

Open the app, drag down and then tap the Gear icon for the settings menu. Select the “Notifications Center Count” and select how many actions Speed U will show. I set mine to five.

Next add a “New Speed”. You can tap one of the functions already on the screen or got to “App Actions” and select a different app. It will then be added to your selection.

Tap the left arrow at the top of the screen to return to the “New Speed” area. If you drag down you can see all of the actions that you selected.

Now close the app and the actions will be added to the iOS Notifications Center.

They can be cleared like any other notification so if you accidentally clear it out just open the Speed U app and close it to add them back in.

One last thing its a cool touch that motivational quotes are added at the bottom of the selected actions screen, keep an eye out for it.

Original source Addictive Tips

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