Aliens Colonial Marines Teaser trailer

I have been a fan of the Aliens movies since the first installment. It really tipped the scales for me when Aliens (second installment in the franchise) was released. It was packed with sci-fi, alien monster, horror and Alien impregnated stomach bursting baby Aliens. Oh, and it included a great story too. I think this is what ultimately lead me to be absorbed with the Dead Space video game series later in life. What has also inspired me is the work of HR Giger. As the artist who created the Alien, the real art that inspired this is called the Necronom IV. If it wasn’t for his art the Aliens movies would not exist as we know it.  There have also been numerous video games that tried to build on the franchise. In 1984 an Alien strategy based game for Atari 2600 was released and the video games continued to build from there . In 2004 an alien marriage immersed (so to speak) and Alien vs Predator was born. Needless to say that the Alien franchise has spawned many avenues of media for sic-fi horror lovers everywhere, even in comic books. Arcade games also took a crack at this, but now we have a new attempt and the video game industry is trying it’s hand at the mighty Aliens saga. In December 2006 Sega made a deal with Fox licensing which led to this first person shooter by Gearbox Software and is scheduled for released early next year – Aliens: Colonial Marines. Personally, I am very much looking forward to this. I think that this could be the best Aliens gameplay experience to date. I was very excited to see the demo at E3 last year. So enough of my hot aired long-winded intro to this very awesome teaser. Check it out below.

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