Meet the ultimate in iPhone protection and case design

Design team Minimal has helped to design a multitude of beautiful products. One of them being the Dell Venue Pro mobile device but more notably the Xbox 360 + Kinect. Yes, if you were not aware they were the team behind the design mastery of this awesome device. Specifically, designer Scott Wilson was involved in all of these designs. More recently released products developed by Scott and Minimal was the LUNATIK line of products the first being the LUNATIK watch band for the iPod Nano 6th generation (one of which I proudly own and LOVE). Now Scott has a design that he unleashed upon the world and he has teased this product since last month on Twitter. His new master piece, TAKTIK. An aluminum and silicone iPhone 4/4s case that is not only designed for complete protection of your device but that also has an elegant, sleek and modern look.  This case is beautiful and functional. TAKTIK is water-resistant using GORE technology to protect the speaker and mic ports. The dock and headphone connections are covered with gasket plugs to keep out the elements. There is also a anti-glare, anti smudge Gorrilla glass upgrade to provide even more protection for the device. There is even a cool push button style switch for the silent switch. What makes this case the most protective is the shockproof suspension system. It’s a 9mm impact Truss silicon perimeter that surrounds the outer edge of the iPhone so if you drop your device be reassured that it’s fully protected. In fact in the video the case is shown being thrown on the ground with absolutely no damage to the phone. I don’t know about you but to me that’s proves its protection.

TAKTIK is not yet available but is currently being funded on kickstarter with an expected ship date sometime in Sept. 2012. So head on over to check it out and submit a pledge. Currently TAKTIK has 405 backers and over $60k of the $150k goal with 29 days left to go. Oh, and one more thing. It will also be available for the upcoming 6th generation iPhone.

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