Use the Playstation Six Axis controller with Linux


Linux could very well be the underdog of all operating systems. The popularity and ever-growing use of this OS is spawning more and more these days. Here is one handy application that can be used on the Linux platform. Developer FalkTX created QtSixA (GUI), which is an interface that uses sixad (C++ backend code) which is an application that connects PS hardware like the controller, keyboard and Keypads to a Linus Compatible machine. Ultimately with this app the PS DualShock3 controller can be used to play games (Accelerometers, Dual shock vibration and all buttons) or even control a Linux machine simply by connecting the USB cable from the controller to the computer or by using Bluetooth. This app has more functionality that I won’t go into but if you want to check it out visit FalkTX’s site.

The video will cover all of the settings and how to set it up but is a little lengthy. If you want to see it in action forward the video to 5:50 to see a demo.


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